Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#Day 9 : 10 ways to win your heart

  1. dont be too jiwang karat.cukup rasa being appreciated.
  2. more cool u are,then highest possible will u be in my heart
  3. being there when i need u but instead of bagi ceramah,u better shut up n listen.that is cool.
  4. dont be a hero.i can solve my own prob.just be there is more than enuf
  5. once a day texting me that u miss me(directly or indirectly say it.i could tell=p)
  6. call me before u go to sleep every night.feel so loved as someone thinking of me at the end of his day=)
  7. support me in everythn i do.go come to my like all my cntest picture.without rasa malu n segan
  8. whoever can admit it when someone asking `r u with her now?` then u reply `yup`.one word can tell shows that dy x malu ng i n terima i as what i am
  9. always trying hard to spend time with asking me wether im free or not today evening,tmrw mrning or this wkend or nxt wkend.n even tough its raining,he still can manage it.nampak dy betul2 nak,bukan sbb nak main2 or suka2
  10. win my heart 1st then my family.not the other way round

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h A n Y S said...

hamboi..sampai 10, banyaknya..hehe..