Thursday, June 28, 2012

Komitmen berkadar terus dengan uban

As we grow older,we will have more and more responsabilities and commitments.being a medical student actually is not that tough if u study consistently la.but for me yang suka main2 buat kerja last minute,no need to elaborate lah kan how messed up my life is.

It was started with minat actually.minat sangat nak jadi domtor sebab suka bau hospital,suka bau ubat,suka kerja gelabah2 sbb at that time drama tv selalu tunjuk kerja domtor yang gelabah.emergency case i was like a bit tercabar la.macam ala2 sape cepat siap,dia menang.when remember those days memang kepala otak laju pun.then,as years passed by,dah naik tahun 4,minat berubah jadi macam something-that-u-HAVE-to-finish!n after that,its very challenging to maintain to keep your head forward in this field.nak tetap istiqamah utk lepas n lulus semua test and exam.memang meroyan.

And here it is,minat aku y sebenar is business.i dont know since when it started but mind just cant stop think aout what to sell,how to increade the demand,where to supply,where to publish.adoyy..started with bisnes baju because it didnt require modal at all.just need your some time to update new stock n promote as u know,mbbs student is not that free plus next semester will be the carziest sem ever!so haruslah tutup kedai sekejap utk 6 bulan start lepas raya to ensure income will be continously credited into account,i changed from bisnes baju to food bisnes pulak.sebab supply senang dapat n x amek masa sangat.currently have 2 big projects to be worked out this month.harap2 xde problem la.

One more commitment,denagn rumah.Since adik beradik 3 orang je,one here in melaka,1 more in batu cave further study DSC,lagi sorang kat just tinggal sweet couple tu la kat rumah berdua.kesian pun nak x nak kena balik every two weeks.

Sekarang tengah cuba nak semayang lebih sikit sebab dah kerja nanti xtau la camne.either qada or semayang lewat la jawabnye.

And last commitment,si demok.its too soon to say that he will be here whatever happen.some people said that friendship is worth more than your special one.but talking based on experience,its the offense.iv gone trough few hard times in manipal.some problem with jpa,freind's husband la,housemate la..macam2.and the one who actually stayed was not my friend.i mean most of the times la.when i was left alone,cursed by others because of something that iv never done,kena lanyak when i told the truth,and kena kecam when i was trying to cakap selembut mungkin to clear things out,and to bersabar dgn ousemate yang tengah meroyan nak university exam,2 months delayed scholarship sebab staff jpa x buat kerja,x kire accident yang sampai kena tipu dengan indian sampai beratus ringgit tu.only i know who was there during my hard times back in manipal.who never apart even though he knows that everyone surely akan pandang slack punye.x tau cerita tapi pandang slack.childish.

And lagi satu yang paling penting,wajib study sebab esok end posting advice is,know who u are and recognize your ability,your enemy and your besties.the one who lough,smile n lepak with u is not really the one that u can trust.not untill God give u guys some ujian.for me,i alredy realize the hikmah behind what was happened back then in about u?=)

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