Monday, June 25, 2012

When bad things keep on bumping on your life

When same things happen repeatedly on u.
When it is deadly hurtful
N u r still alive
Then the next day,months,maybe years
Same hurtful things bump into your life again
Messing your life up
Jumbling your feeling
Screwing your mood

I think it is your fault to not change who u are
To be soo weak until people can push u down
Again and again
Too arrogant to admit n hear your ugly truth
And definitely
Too short minded to believe in your crushing heart
To turn down your buddy
who were once trying to help u fix your heart
Who were once trying to explain things that others couldnt explain

I should say
Beautiful lies are much more better than the ugly truth
This only applicable on u
My hope
U can find someone who can honestly talk
about your bad in front of u again
Rather than behind your back.
Wish u luck.=)

*i once prayed that u will realize what i was trying to do n what was my intention.if God willing.

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