Tuesday, June 9, 2009

jangan mengeluh..

years back

i was very happy wif ma lyf.

thought so =p

hang out wif my fwens.esah,bie eyka.

miss em soo much..

still rmember

we were coming l8 from ts

geezz...out w/o pmission --> `fly` was da word used dat tym

then,kantoi sama da warden dat nyt

da day afta tmrow,sheezz....dat was da most embarrasing moment ever

urm..i mean as long as i live until dat tym laa...huu

couldnt be xplained by words.







teghok gak kne ngan chief wden tym tuh.

as years passing by..

now??iv been bz wif my works

pbl sna sni..

got presntation every week!!

gosh!!cant u imagine dat?!!

sitting all da nyt

juz 2 revise all those kecik2 muscles+nerve in dat red Chaurasia..


feel lyk mau muntah darah laa...

rasenye,waiter kat coffee day pon da nak muntah hijau dah...

sbb asek nengok muka ktrg je stdy kat c2..


wut else 2 do

iv choose diz way

so it will b diz way

diz is just da beginning

wake up n stand straight

concentrate n concentrate

u`ll be fine

miss ara pesan juz now

`jangan mengeluh...`^^

p/s:cant wait 2 go back home diz august....hauuu~~

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