Saturday, May 30, 2009


The heart of a woman is as big as life.
She initiates conversations with strangers in the bathroom.
She recommends the perfect place to find the perfect dress to a woman she meets at the beauty salon.
She clips coupons to send to her daughter-in-law.
She smiles when she would rather scream; cries when she is happy, and often says "yes" when she means "no."

A woman keeps the refrigerator full just in case someone stops by unexpectedly.
A woman fights for what she believes in by supporting community endeavors with both time and money.
She listens to friends, helps with homework, and gives unconditional loves.
Women cry over their children's accomplishments, during a romantic movie, while reading sentimental cards at a card shop or when opening a special present.
Women openly express happiness when hearing about the birth of a baby, an engagement, or a marriage.
Women share their emotions from their heart.

Women remain strong even when they think they have no strength left.
They comfort loved ones in mourning, visit friends and family who are ill, and offer hugs and kisses to soothe broken hearts.
They write letters, make phone calls, send e-mails and stay in touch.
Simply put, women connect!

Women are present wherever and whenever they are needed.
They intuitively know where to offer their love and support.
Women do more than give birth.
Where a woman is there exists joy and hope.
She brings compassion and companionship.
She gives moral support.
She acknowledges.
She reassures.
Women care!

Women are mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers.
They give, they guide, and stay grounded.
They are amazing not only for what they accomplish, but for the values they impart.
Women earn our respect every day not only because of what they do, but because of who they are.

When you are touched by the heart of a woman, and realize how wonderful she is, be sure to let her know.

p/s:im 20,not a gal not yet a women...but by reading diz,im happy 4 da fact dat i`ll be a woman someday^^

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