Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some people just dont know where they came from

Watching tv just now and realize that there are still some children who abandon their parents nowadays.haih..ape nak jadi.based on my judgement,looking at the dad who lying rigidly on the bed im sure he once had stroke attack.kesian..

Dad:pak cik sedih.pak cik x ada tempat nak mengadu.anak2 pak cik dah lama x balik.sedara mara adalah datang tengok2 tapi kadang2 je la.pak cik xde tempat nak mengadu..*wiping his tear*

Semoga Allah jaga hati kami adik beradik untuk tetap sayang and jaga our parents sampai ke akhirnya.amiinnn...

This short news give me strength to keep on going in this med school untill day i'll build one hospital in my hometown and form a small team who will do daily or weekly round to take a look and take good care of old people.

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