Thursday, December 31, 2009

muka toye

sape ckp tdo 2 xperlu beb?hoho..sian glr kat fitri.ye2 dy pjuk ak suh jgn blk.dy tkut duk sowg2 kat blkg.tkut kne ngorat ng benny ke pe?baek,ak wat2 tau..ko tkut kne tnye ng UK en..but i can not go lah yunk..ngantuk gile shit memang muka toye than ngntuk tym UK duk membebel pasl catecholamine td..

td x amek gmba,tp mke toye 2 lbeyh kurg gini r..

...ala..tiada gamba y berkaitan..nxt tym je lah..lenkali ah smbung memblog ni..seyes ak xthan mau terberry~~hoho

Monday, December 28, 2009


Friday, December 25, 2009

no room for error

i feel like wanna sleep
i feel lyk wanna go out 4 shopping
wanna make a move 4 the latest muvee released
wanna eat everything `till am choking
wanna go out 4 a date with him
most of the tym
am stuck in here
with my own responsbility on medicine

sounds sux ryt
believe me,it sux
seyesly shit sux

but then,i found sumthin interestng
da 1 dat turns evrything into normality
changes da perception of life
changes da definition of commitment

`some people are born to be a doctors..u were the chosen ones,u have to work hard..really hard..u have to be tough,u have to be perfect..because in this profession,there's no room for error..none..u are the chosen one, so prove it..`